Zedity is a really good plugin! I must say…I’m really¬†impressed. This is the first time I ever used a content building plugin and it definitely made post/page creation easy. With this plugin you can easily create content however you want it to look without using code. This is a great plugin for WordPress beginners. The premium version has useful extra features like touch-screen editing for your phone or tablet, great for when you’re on the go. Other helpful features include the ability to instantly duplicate content to other posts/pages and the auto-snap alignment boxes. The developers provide excellent customer service too, which is really beneficial.

Get the Zedity plugin here.

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Ease of Use
This plugin is remarkably easy to use. This is definitely the ideal plugin for WordPress beginners. To create a new post/page simply click the icon in the toolbar and the Zedity Editor starts. There's no clutter and no nonsense. Everything you need to create a custom post/page is all there for you. A mini tutorial is given when you first open the editor, and there's a tab with more tutorials available.
The plugin works fine. Sometimes your custom page gets cut off if you have widgets set on your sidebar, but all you have to do is adjust it and you can easily fix it. Some very helpful features come with the premium version. You can edit on-the-go with any touch screen device, duplicate content to other posts/pages, and the automatic snap alignment of content boxes. Also, their customer service is phenomenal which is a BIG plus.
Zedity is customizable in terms of content building. Although, it kind of has to be because of the type of plugin it is. It replaces regular post/page creation, so it must be able to achieve all creative possibilities that users have.
The appearance of this plugin is good. However, if you want this plugin to always stay responsive you're going to have to buy the premium version.