WP Product Review


Overall, the plugin is fairly easy to use. You insert a review the same way you would a post or page. Some of the labelling/explanations are a bit unclear, but after playing around with the plugin you’ll quickly get the hang of it. The WP Product Review plugin works great. You can rate based on the features you want (ex: sounds quality, durability, etc). There’s a comparison table which allows users to compare multiple products at once, and an Amazon integration feature which I found really cool. The ratings should be more accurate (ex: an 8.5 is shown with 9 stars) and you should be able to insert multiple pictures of the product. You can’t customize much besides the plugin’s colours and the rating icon. However, the look of this plugin is my absolute favourite. It looks lively, like it almost jumps off the screen. The plugin doesn’t look sloppy at all. It stays true to form and always remains responsive to the browser window.

Get the WP Product Review plugin here. 


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Ease of Use
WP Product Review is fairly easy to use. You start a review the same way you would a post or page, it's in the "Product Review Extra Settings" box. The only part that was a bit confusing was setting up the rating colours because the explanations from the labels are a bit unclear. But after playing around with it a bit you quickly get the hang of it.
The plugin works exactly the way it should. You can put in your own product options to rate (ex: sound quality, durability, etc). Customers can even comment and rate those same features, and you can choose if their ratings influence the overall score. My favourite features are the comparison table, where you can compare multiple products, and the Amazon integration feature. It would be nice if the ratings were just a bit more accurate, an 8.5 is displayed with 9 stars. Also, there should be an option that allows you to insert multiple pictures of the product.
This plugin is ok when it comes to customizability. The main aspect you can customize is the colour. You can change the colour of pretty much anything you want. And finally, you can choose between multiple rating icons (ex: stars, hearts, etc).
I love the way this plugin looks, it's definitely my favorite part of this plugin. The end product looks really good. I find that it looks lively and clean. The plugin remains responsive at every browser size too, so that's a plus.