Wordfence Security


This is a great plugin. It may be a bit overwhelming because it’s not a common type of plugin and online security can be difficult to understand. However, there’s a helpful tutorial when activating the plugin, and the manual provided (docs.wordfence.com) breaks every aspect of this plugin for you. Wordfence has useful features like “Falcon Engine”, scanning, email alerts, and advanced blocking and password options. The plugin works like a charm. For example, as soon as I set up the “Falcon Engine” my site was working noticeably faster! This site is customizable in a sense where you can enable/disable any feature you want, the choice is yours.

Download the Wordfence Security plugin here. 

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Ease of Use
This plugin is fairly simple to use. You're even given a mini tutorial of each section of the plugin as soon as you activate it. Some aspects of the plugin can be complicated unless you're already familiar with how online security works. Luckily there's always access to docs.wordfence.com that explains everything.
Wordfence works great. The "Falcon Engine" really does speed up your site. You can scan your site and have alerts instantly sent to your email if you've been hacked. You can even set up an automatic scanning schedule. This plugin allows you to block certain IPs and specific countries from visiting your website. You can also have a password auditor and two-factor authentication method so your login is strongly secured.
The appearance of the plugin isn't customizable, but the way you use it is. You can pretty much choose to enable or disable any component of this feature. For example, the two-factor authentication is definitely a great feature, but you don't have to necessarily use it.
The plugin looks fine. It's only a security plugin after all so it won't exactly have an artistic design. Some sections of the plugin are a bit cluttered, but not that bad. I like that the plugin's settings appear directly on the dashboard so you can quickly access it.