Ultimate FAQ


Simply put: the Ultimate FAQ plugin is easy to use and customizable. It’s great for beginners and advanced WordPress users. The developers, Étoile Web Design, made the setup really straightforward. They even provide tutorials on Youtube if you need them. The plugin works exactly the way it should. The premium version has an amazing feature which allows you to integrate the FAQ with your WooCommerce products. This plugin is extremely customizable. Advanced WordPress users can customize with CSS, and beginners can use the wide variety of modification options available. The plugin looks clean and it remains responsive at every browser window size. I highly recommend this plugin!

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Ease of Use
This plugin is really easy to use. Writing the FAQs is as simple as creating any WordPress post. The developers made the setup easy to understand by explaining what each aspect does. They also provide tutorial videos on Youtube if you need them, which is really helpful.
The Ultimate FAQ plugin works exactly the way you expect it to. There are some useful extra features that i really liked too. The premium version allows you to integrate the FAQ with your WooCommerce products. Other features that i like include the option of sharing an FAQ answer to social media, and the shortcode that lets site visitors instantly ask you questions.
This plugin is absolutely great in terms of customizability. The developers enabled customizing the plugin with CSS which is a huge plus. Secondly, there are tons of ways to modify the colors/labels/icons/fonts/style of the Ultimate FAQ plugin so that it matches your website.
The Ultimate FAQ plugin looks clean and presentable. It's also responsive because it automatically adjusts to any browser screen size.