Super Socializer


This is an absolutely great social media plugin. I like it so much that I started using it for this very site! It’s easy to use because the developers, Heateor, clearly explain what each section of the setup does. They even offer a support site if needed. The plugin has  useful extra features like enabling Facebook login and  comments. With the premium add-ons  you can: moderate comments, view social sharing analytics, and easily integrate your users into Mailchimp. Customizability is this plugin’s specialty. You can modify much of the plugin display within the default setup. You can customize the display even further if you know CSS. The plugin looks really good and always stays responsive to the browser window size!

Download the Super Socializer plugin here.


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Ease of Use
This plugin is fairly easy to use, everything is clearly labeled. There's an information bubble that explains every level of the setup process and the developers created a support site with instructional photos.
The plugin works great!!! It has the social sharing buttons like many social media plugins, but you can also enable Facebook commenting and login. With the premium add-ons you can moderate comments, integrate social sharing analytics, and easily transfer Facebook user emails to Mailchimp!
Customizability is definitely this plugin's specialty. You can make your sharing buttons/comment boxes look any way you want, no matter the color, size, or placement. This plugin can also be modified using CSS...which allows you to customize even further.
The setup and display of this plugin look nice and sleek. It stays responsive and adapts at every browser window size.