Spider FAQ


Spider FAQ (by Web-Dorado) provides a quick, simple solution for creating FAQ pages, and is easy to use from installation to posting. Immediately following installation the plugin is accessible from the WordPress sidebar, and also features an option to quickly insert shortcode from the toolbar. While the free version of the plugin lacks built-in customizability, a commercial edition is available that includes 22 alternate themes, along with a wide range of options to adjust the plugin’s otherwise unmemorable appearance. While Spider FAQ offers little in terms of extra features, it is effective at what it sets out to do, and has a simplicity and ease of use that is appealing.

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Ease of Use

Spider FAQ is easy to use, and seems to have been designed with new Wordpress users in mind. However, the plugin differs from other Wordpress content, and may be counterintuitive for more experienced users. The process of creating FAQs is stripped down to the bolts, with the developers providing a lean interface that drives users along, as well as a step by step guide that lays out the process clearly.


The plugin is effective and does what the user expects it to, but comes up short on useful features. The default version provides a simple and quick way to produce and organize a rudimentary FAQ, but not much else (though there are some nice options available, such as displaying a hit count, an FAQ search function, and providing a way for site visitors to “like” particular answers). A 250 character limit for questions may prove inadequate for some users.


In the case of Spider FAQ, a slight tradeoff is made between simplicity and customizability that might deter more demanding Wordpress users. While the commercial version provides a range of built-in customizable options, the default edition offers limited room for customization. 


Spider FAQ’s default theme is by no means unattractive, but has a subdued look that may not suit the tastes of all users. However, purchasing a commercial license grants the user access to 22 alternative themes, as well as a rich selection of options for customization that are accessible via an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The plugin is responsive, and reacts well to changes made to the browser window size.