NextGEN Gallery


I really like this plugin. It’s an easy way to setup a beautiful image gallery to your website. The process of setting up the plugin is really simple, and there are explanations within just in case you need it. The plugin works exactly the way you expect it would. The pro version of this plugin has useful features for suited for e-commerce. It allows you to sell and share your photos online, which is great for professions such as photography or graphic design. There are more than 6 different ways to display your photos with this plugin, and the settings for each display can be customized the way you want it. The appearance of this plugin looks good. All the display types look sharp and they stay responsive regardless of the browser window size.

The NextGEN Gallery plugin is great and i understand why it has over a million active downloads. Download this plugin here. 

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Ease of Use
It's really fast adjusting to this plugin. There's a NextGEN Gallery button in the toolbar where you can quickly and easily setup the plugin. All you have to do is upload the files, and select how you'd like them to be displayed. It's as simple as that. Also, if a part of the setup is unclear, there are information bubbles within the plugin that give an explanation.
The plugin works exactly the way you want it to, it gets the job done. You select the photos that you want and showcase them on a webpage. The NextGEN Pro has useful features for anyone wanting to sell their photos online. With the Pro version you get e-commerce functions such as selling digital downloads and the integration of payment applications like Paypal. The Pro version also allows you to share your page's photos on social media platforms.
The main customizable component of this plugin is the display. Once you choose your display type, you can customize the display settings to your preferences. For example, if you choose the "NextGEN Slideshow" display type you can customize the maximum dimension of photos, the transition effect, and the interval timing.
The plugin looks good. It's clean and displays images beautifully. The plugin is responsive too. No matter the size of the browser window the plugin will modify itself so that all images are displayed properly.