Huge-IT Image Gallery


This image gallery plugin is absolutely phenomenal. It’s very user-friendly. Everything is clearly labeled, which makes creating and modifying your settings really easy. This plugin works exactly the way you want it to. There are even cool extra features like the ability to add youtube videos to your gallery, and rating systems for your photos. You can pretty much customize anything you’d like in this plugin. From the way it functions to the way it looks, this plugin can be setup to your preferred preferences. This plugin can look good for artistic and/or professional purposes. This is truly a great image gallery plugin.

Download the Huge-IT Image Gallery plugin here.

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Ease of Use
This plugin is extremely user-friendly. Everything is clearly labeled and there are helpful descriptions with explanations. Add your photos to create your gallery, choose the view type you want, and save it. You can use the shortcode given, or add the gallery directly from the embedded toolbar button when creating a new post.
The plugin works great. It does exactly what you expect it to do, and then some. What's cool about this plugin is that you can add as much detail as you'd like, or leave it as simple as possible. The choice is yours. I really like that with this image gallery you can insert videos from youtube. You can also add a rating system such as like/dislike to your photos.
You can customize anything you want in this plugin. Simply go to "General Options" and you can customize the setting for each viewing style/theme. Customizability is definitely this plugin's best asset. Whatever you can think of modifying, you can with this plugin.
The plugin looks nice and clean. What's good about this plugin's look is that you can alter it to a more artistic look, or a more professional look. The plugin is responsive and aligns itself with the browser window beautifully.