Google Maps Widget


The Google Maps Widget by Web Factory LTD is an easy to use plugin that looks great. What’s great about this plugin is that you can instantly see the edits you make to it. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets. With this plugin, you don’t need 2 browser windows open to check out your changes. This makes the editing process much faster and simpler. This plugin functions the way it should. It’s initially Google Maps integrated as a thumbnail widget. However, you can set it up so that it expands into a large and interactive map when you click the thumbnail. With the PRO version you can even add directions into this interactive map. The PRO version also allows you to generate a shortcode for the map, this way you can insert is as a post/page wherever you want. Many parts of this plugin are customizable such as: map size, color themes, type of map pin and colour, language, and how the map functions. The plugin looks like exactly like a Google Map: professional, clean, and responsive.

I really like this offer from the developers: lifetime license with lifetime support and updates for only $39. If you’re unsure about purchasing they even have a free 7-day trial to test it out. I definitely recommend this plugin!

Get the Google Maps Widget here.


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Ease of Use
The only somewhat tricky part of using this plugin was generating an API code to get Google Maps to work. Once that's done it's smooth sailing from there. I love that you can instantly see the edits you make to this plugin. Go into the Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Widgets. This makes the editing process faster and much simpler.
This plugin works exactly the way it should, it's a nice google map you can add as a widget. When you click on the widget it expands into a lightbox and the map becomes interactive. With the PRO version you're able to generate a shortcode for this plugin and use Google Maps as part of a post/page. There are other cool features with the PRO version: more map colour themes, more pin types, unlimited pin colours, interactive map with directions, and interactive map as widget thumbnail.
Many parts of this plugin can be customized. You can customize interactive map size, color themes, the map pin, language, and the look and use of both the thumbnail and expanded lightbox map.
The appearance of the plugin looks good. The Google Map looks the way it should and you can even customize it to match your theme. The plugin is responsive and always stays within the browser window.