This is a pretty good plugin. It’s easy to use, but it can be easier. It would be nice if you can upload your images and organize your display settings in the same place. The plugin works the way it should and the premium version enables features like e-commerce and social media sharing. If you’re looking for a customizable image gallery plugin look no further. You can customize anything regarding display with this plugin. The plugin has a clean and professional look to it and it’s responsive.

Download this plugin here.

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Ease of Use
This image gallery plugin is fairly easy to use. You add images to a gallery, pick a display type, customize it, and insert. There's even a button embedded in the "New Post" toolbar where you can choose the display type and customize it there. However, you can't add images to a gallery there. That's done in the plugin's section of the dashboard.
The plugin works beautifully. It does what you expect it to do and it does it well. The premium version has add-ons such as e-commerce integration, the ability to share photos on social media, and a gallery exporter/importer.
The customizability of this plugin is its strongest asset. You can pretty much customize any way you'd like your photos to be displayed. You can also create multiple themes where you can customize the displays even further.
The plugin looks nice and clean. It stays true to form and always follows the size of the browser window.