Gallery by BestWebSoft


So this plugin isn’t too difficult to use and adapt to. Just set up your gallery, adjust your settings, and apply the shortcode wherever you want. The functionality of this plugin is fine. It works the way you want it to, but that’s it. There aren’t any special features in this plugin. This plugin has minimal customization capabilities. It only has 2 themes/gallery types, and the coolest customizable feature is changing the border color of your photos. The plugin looks fine and always stays responsive.

Download Gallery by BestWebSoft here. 

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Ease of Use
This plugin is fairly easy to use. You upload the pictures you want and then configure how you want them displayed. Once that's done you copy the shortcode to the post/page you want. It's pretty simple.
It works fine. It functions properly. However, it doesn't have any cool extra features. This plugin does what it's supposed to do, but that's about it. There's nothing extraordinary about it.
The customizability of this plugin definitely needs improvement. Besides being able to modify the size of your photos and the color of their borders, there's no remarkable way of customizing this plugin. This plugin only has 2 gallery/theme types: grid and masonry.
The overall appearance of this plugin is good. It looks decent and it's extremely responsive. No matter the size of the browser window the plugin will always adjust itself so that the pictures and text appear properly.