Final Tiles Gallery


Whether you’re a professional photographer, world traveller, chef, etc. the Final Tiles Gallery is a great plugin to display your beautiful photos. First of all, it’s really easy to use. You can have an image gallery setup and ready to go in under 3 minutes. The developers Green Tree Labs  make the editing process of the plugin clear and easily understandable. They also provide a tutorial video and link to documentation within the plugin if you need it. The Final Tiles Gallery plugin works very smoothly. Unlike many other plugins, once you make an edit and save it you’re not redirected to the beginning of the settings menu. This makes the editing process faster and easier to keep track of. A feature that I really like is the image sizing optimization for smartphone and tablet devices. Visitors access your site using different devices, this feature gives you control on how you want your pictures to appear on all platforms. The appearance of the plugin is customizable, you can adjust the lightbox options, captions, hover effects, colors, image placement locations, etc within the standard plugin setup. The look of the plugin can be further customized using CSS. A minor drawback is that the only gallery templates available are the Final Tiles Gallery one and Masonry. The overall appearance of the plugin is beautiful and I love how responsive the gallery is. The pictures rearrange themselves while keeping the mosaic style to automatically fit the browser window.

Get the Final Tiles Gallery plugin here.


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Ease of Use
A photo gallery can be setup on your website within a minute, that’s how easy it is to use this plugin. Every section of the setup is clearly labeled, you know exactly what it does. If there are any uncertainties, the developers also provide a tutorial video and link to documentation within the plugin.
The plugin works smoothly. Once you make an edit to a gallery, you simply press the “Save” button and it’s instantly updated without being brought back to the beginning of the setup. Some features that I found useful are: integrated social media sharing of specific photos, wide variety of lightbox choices, and image sizing optimization for multiple devices.
The use of this plugin can't be customized, but the appearance can. You can customize options regarding lightbox, captions, hover effects, color themes, image placement locations, etc. The Final Tiles Gallery can also be further customized the way you want using CSS. However, you are limited to only 2 types of image galleries you can choose from: the Final Tiles Gallery and Masonry. Which isn't terrible, but it's nice to have options.
The plugin looks really good, especially the Final Tiles Gallery format. The mosaic appearance looks beautiful and is perfect for any purpose. The plugin is responsive, so the images rearrange themselves to fit every browser size.