Custom Contact Forms


Overall this is a good plugin, not the best, but still a good plugin.  The preview feature makes it easier to use because you can see changes you’ve made right away. The features are useful but there aren’t any that are outstanding. The best part of this plugin is its customizability and appearance. You can customize any part of this contact form exactly the way you need it, and it always looks clean and professional.

The only downside is that i found it difficult to integrate conditional logic for the drop boxes. For example, i had to put both Province/State together in one drop box, instead of having Provinces show up when Canada was selected as a country. Also, finding the shortcode was difficult.

Download the Custom Contact Forms plugin here. 

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Ease of Use
Yes, the plugin is easy to use. It's great for beginners because you get a preview of what the plugin will look like right away. A bit difficult to setup up conditional logic between drop boxes and finding the shortcode to post on the webpage.
The most notable extra features in this plugin are: the ability to upload a file and email notifications of form submissions. Those are all really useful features. You can also have a captcha insertion, but you have to go through a process of downloading a site key and secret key from Google.  Other than that, there aren't any other outstanding extra features.
The customizability of this plugin is great! You can customize the structure of the form if you know html. You can also customize the labels to fit the form's purpose. In "Form Settings" you can customize the theme of the form, and the label the submit button which I found pretty cool.
The plugin looks great and stays true to form no matter the size of the window. The text and boxes look clean and consistent. The appearance is my favourite aspect of this plugin.