Contact Form by BestWebSoft


This plugin is not very user friendly. The way of setting up the plugin is a bit confusing. There’s an online instruction manual that slightly help with the setup, but it’s still disorganized and hard to understand. The only feature that’s slightly unique is the text-editor icon. This lets you instantly insert your shortcode. However, many other contact forms also have that. This plugin has weak customization capabilities. There isn’t much option to apply your preferences. The appearance of the plugin looks fine, it’s simple and responsive to the window size.

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Ease of Use
I wasn't quite sure how to go about creating a contact form with this plugin because the labelling/tabs are a bit disorganized. This plug isn't that difficult to add fields because it only requires to click check-boxes. However, it is difficult to navigate throughout the plugin and know where everything is located. They do have a link to an instruction manual that does help a bit.
The only helpful and somewhat unique feature of this plugin is that is has a button right next to the text-editor icons that allows you to immediately insert the shortcode. It has service where you can get contact form input data sent to your email, but so do many other contact form plugins. Other than that there's nothing special about this plugin.
The customizability is the weakest point of this plugin. You can barely customize any features or parts of the appearance. The areas that are customizable are extremely limited, the max options you will have is between 3 variations. This plugin is by far the least custom contact form i've used to date.
The plugin looks fine and it's responsive. It's simple, but that's about it. The appearance is the best part of this plugin.