Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is a user-friendly plugin that’s used on over a million websites. The plugin has features that make it easy to create the perfect contact form for your site. You can have as many fields as you’d like, and you can also customize the type, label and content of those fields.

The main drawback of the plugin is that there aren’t many┬ástyling options for beginners. It’s completely customizable if you know CSS, but without it you’re stuck with the default formatting. Download the Contact Form 7 plugin here.

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Ease of Use
The plugin comes with a contact form already set up. There's a helpful FAQ on the plugin author's website, and there is a tonne of documentation. If that's not enough, there are over a million users, and an active support forum is available on
The plugin works perfectly for the purpose it was created. There are error messages to guide users to submit exactly the information that you're looking for. The emails that are submitted can be sent to multiple addresses, and the locations of the inputs can be changed without any coding knowledge.
There are many ways to style the different forms, and some other plugins use it to create a contact form within the other plugin's output. In terms of extra features built-in to it, though, there aren't a tonne. It can also be different to style the different form elements if you're a beginner. The only styling available is through the use of CSS, so if you aren't familiar with CSS styling, you won't be able to change much.
The forms that are created look clean, and are completely responsive. The default styling is very good, but could be a little bit better in terms of alignment for the message box that displays when a user hits the submit button. The box is full width and slightly indented, while none of the form inputs are either indented or full-width.