Contact Bank


So this plugin is incredibly user-friendly. This is the biggest strength of this plugin. Explanations and labels are clearly stated, and there’s even a video tutorial link in the plugin for instant help. Inserting this contact form onto your site is as easy creating a wordpress post. There aren’t any shortcodes, instead you use an embedded button that appears at the top of the “New Post” paragraph box. A cool feature of this plugin is that you can view all contact form data input within the dashboard, and you can also export this data onto an excel sheet whenever you please. The appearance and layout format is extremely customizable, and this is even without CSS. The plugin looks aesthetically pleasing, all text/text-boxes are properly aligned and they’re responsive. The only nuisance is that the paragraph spacing is a bit off between certain fields.

Download the Contact Bank plugin here.

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Ease of Use
It didn't take much to get familiarized with the plugin. It's very easy to use and the developer also added a video tutorial for further clarification. Explanations and labels are clear and easily understandable. The entire contact form can be built directly from the plugin's dashboard, which is a huge plus.
One practical feature of this plugin is that there's an "Add Contact Bank Form" button embedded when you're creating new wordpress posts. Another cool feature is that you're able to get an overview of the data you collected within the plugin, or you can export it into an excel file with a simple click. Other than these the rest of the features are pretty standard.
The appearance of this plugin is extremely customizable. Under the "Global Settings" tab you can customize the appearance of the: label, submit button, and success/error message. You can customize their font, text alignment, text-box alignment, button layout, and much more. You can also choose any colour you want for the text, background, and border. The use of the plugin can also be customized. Like many other contact form plugins there's a high degree of customizability for standard fields (ex: single line text, checkboxes, select/dropdown box, etc).
The plugin looks good. It's really neat and all the text and their boxes aren't cluttered at all. It looks presentable and professional. The only minor problem is that there's a bit of a consistency problem with the spacing between different fields. Like for example, the length of space between "Name" and "Email", isn't the same as the space between "Country" and "Industry". Other than that the plugin looks really good.