Contact Form Clean and Simple


The purpose of this plugin is to allow website users to contact website admins in a simple manner that looks professional. This plugin is so easy to use. The setup is so simple, it consists of one settings page where you modify how and at which email address you’d like customers to contact you. This plugin doesn’t have many extra features, but it does have the option of adding a reCAPTCHA. There are very few ways of customizing this plugin too. However, remember that the name of this plugin is called “Clean and Simple Contact Form” and it delivers exactly what you expect from it. It’s a plugin based on simplicity that gets its job done. The look of this plugin is clean and it’s responsive. The only small flaw is that the message box on the contact form is slightly unaligned and unresponsive.

This plugin is exactly what you expect it to be: clean and simple.

Download the Contact Form Clean and Simple plugin here. 

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Ease of Use
The plugin stays true to its name. It is very easy to use. The setup of this plugin doesn't have multiple tabs or a complex design. It has one settings page where you simply put how you'd like customers to get in touch with you.
The plugin has the option of adding a reCAPTCHA if you'd like. Other than that it doesn't have any extra features. In all fairness the plugin doesn't lead you to believe that it will be phenomenal either. It says in its title "Clean and Simple Contact Form", and that's exactly what it is.
This basis of this specific contact form plugin is to simplify the way website visitors contact the website admins. You can customize anything in regards to descriptions/instructions of what website visitors must put in the text-boxes but that's about it. You can't customize anything else. However, the objective of this plugin is to be simple and clean, and it does meet expectations.
Like i mentioned earlier, this plugin stays true to its name. The plugin looks really clean. All text-boxes are aligned and are responsive to the size of the browser window. The only minor downside is with the "Message" text-box. It's a little unaligned compared to the other boxes, and it isn't completely responsive to window size.