AddToAny Share Buttons


This plugin focuses on simplicity. It’s easy to use and great for WordPress users of all levels. It does it’s job and can be customized to your tastes as well. Standard customization options include choosing the social media platforms to share on, and modifying the size and colour of the buttons however you want. You can even further customize the appearance if you know CSS or JavaScript. The AddToAny Share Button looks good too, I really like this plugin.

Download the AddToAny Share Buttons plugin here.

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Ease of Use
The plugin's really easy to use. Simply choose the social media platforms you want, and then choose where you want the share buttons to be displayed. Simplicity is this plugin's strongest asset.
The AddToAny share button works exactly the way it should. There's a wide range of social media platforms to choose from. There aren't any complications regarding linking your profiles, it works seamlessly. They have an option of having the buttons float with the movement of the page rather than they being in a fixed spot. There's also a universal button option where all the buttons are neatly organized in a pop-up box.
Knowing CSS or JavaScript is a huge plus because you can further customize this plugin to your preferences. In the plugin itself, you can adjust the size and colour of the social sharing buttons, and you can also insert custom icons in the advanced settings.
The buttons look really clean on your site and always stay responsive to the size of the browser window.